So you think you are an empath do you?







The word empath gets tossed around like the latest Starbucks drink and is widely overused. Almost everyone that is in the new age community and/or spiritual community believes they are an empath. So why is there such a influx of people claiming to be an empath in the last 10 years? It is simple. WE ARE ALL EMPATHS! This ability has just been dormant in many humans because of the drop in frequency on this dense planet. Anyone can walk into a room and sense if something is off if people have been arguing. We are all at least that empathic. Every single person on this planet has this ability but may not have access to this  trait because of where they are at in their evolutionary journey, their level of consciousness at this time,  or they are not in connection to self because of external conditioning and distractions of this world.

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