Perspectives, perceptions, and beliefs and the evolving consciousness

Your perspectives and beliefs are based on how you were raised (family/culture), your social conditioning, and the experiences you have had. As we navigate though this evolutionary process your perceptions, perspectives, and beliefs will change as your level of consciousness changes. We should always be growing and expanding and our beliefs and perceptions should be growing and expanding as well. All beliefs are part of this evolutionary process, Yes, even religion and other limited belief systems are part of a persons personal evolvement and spiritual growth.

The block in expansion comes when people get stuck in certain belief structures and can not see past them. As unlimited infinite beings anything that limits our perspective and potential is a block in our expansion.  The term this realm has given this situation is cognitive dissonance  This does not mean that  you or they are wrong for the beliefs. You and everyone else on this realm choose everything they are experiencing and during this incarnation  you and they are experiencing exactly what was planned out to be experience. Each level of consciousness is very important and we are only given what we can handle and comprehend at any given time.

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