What is Within is What You Will See And Experience

As We Evolve is a experiential blog written by Jen Reynolds perspective from her level of consciousness and awareness at this time. If anything does not resonate with you that I am feeling and sharing please do not take it on as a belief system and feel your own way through your evolutionary process.

Everyone is waking up. Yes even your Uncle John.

There is no denying that the evolutionary process has accelerated at a rapid rate in the past few months (or we are just perceiving it that way). Those that are just waking up are getting very itchy feet and uncomfortable in their day to day lives. They know something is off and something is not right. At the very beginning of this processes this can play out as depression, anxiety, anger, chaos, mental instability, sudden personality changes, and many other purging expressions and projections. Those that are at the beginning stages of their process, or people that have been spiritual bypassing (Aspects of spiritual bypassing include exaggerated
 detachment, emotional numbing and repression, overemphasis on the positive, 
anger-phobia, blind or overly tolerant compassion, weak or too porous 
boundaries, lopsided development (cognitive intelligence often being far ahead
 of emotional and moral intelligence), debilitating judgment about one’s
 negativity or shadow side, devaluation of the personal relative to the
 spiritual, and delusions of having arrived at a higher level of being.) will still be looking for something outside of themselves to fulfill what they have been lacking to give themselves within frantically. Their old ways of being are not fulfilling them anymore. Looking outside themselves by trying to find a new romantic partner, a new job, drugs, food addictions, religious practices (including false light practices that are astral level frequencies), radical image changes (unless they are changing into who they really are), numbing, suppressing, and distractions are no longer satisfying . This is because the old ways of dealing with things are not going to work in the energies we are now being exposed to on this planet and it will be very frustrating and painful if they continue.

For those of us that have been on this path for a while and have released and purged out many of the old belief systems and structures of our society/matrix we can sometimes feel the brunt of those releases from family, friends, and coworkers. This is why your personal healing of your emotional and mental bodies are so important so that you do not go into reaction mode with peoples projections. Once you are in the process of  the healing of your emotional body (which is on going) it becomes very clear to you that these projections from others are just their healing and you do not take it personal. In fact you have a deep sense of compassion and understanding for their journey and process of awaking into the new.

Video on how to heal your emotional body

Connection to self

If you are not connected to yourself what is going on within you is constantly being played out externally and showing you how to more connected to yourself. The Universe/Higher self/source/God (what ever resonates with you at your level of consciousness) will place people and experiences in your life path to nudge you into consciousness, awareness, and connection to yourself. Without a true connection to yourself everything that you do externally will feel unsatisfying and empty.   You will obsessively be searching for more things outside of you from a feeling of lack within.

Once you have a true connection to yourself The Universe/Source flows through you and things no longer happen to you they happen for you for your highest good. Connection to self  feels as if everything you do seems new, fresh, alive, and has true meaning. Everything has a frequency that you feel and what you feel becomes your guidance system rather than being reactive to life happening to you it expresses through you. Things that you perceive as bad from a dualistic view no longer makes you a victim but are guidance and navigation tools for your highest good and becoming the highest version of yourself.  You are already fulfilled and happy within so the external is now a reflection that is a pure, genuine, and authentic connection to yourself.

So how do you connect to yourself? It all starts with self love and being kind enough to give yourself what you really need out of life outside of the rigid constructs that have been conditioned into you. Becoming who you truly are and connecting to all aspects of yourself and not denying parts of you  (including your shadow) to “fit in” or to “look good”.

The laws of the land and societal programs that are playing out are not the laws of The Universe and have been put in place to keep you at a low frequency and controllable. Why? Because someone that is connected to themselves is a powerful sovereign being that is full of creative potential that can take themselves and  this world into higher levels of consciousness that will let humans become truly free. True freedom does not mean working your entire life for a box you have to pay off for 30 years or to barely make your rent. That is slavery yet people do not even see it because they are programmed so deeply to want more and more outside of themselves and to fit in. We are supposed to be expressing our creativity and using our creative expressions to be of service to others and for the highest good of humanity. We are supposed to be helping our earth not destroying it. We are supposed to connect to ourselves so that we can connect effortlessly to all that is around us.


Connection to self is connection to the all

Once you establish a true connection to yourself, become authentically you, and start expressing your truth you connect energetically to all that is. Integrity, truth, compassion, and love become the standards you live by. Your love is not based on emotions anymore (as emotions change rapidly) but it is a state of being. It radiates out of you and all those around you will feel it. For some it will be too much and they will be repelled by you and for others it will be a pull towards you as they are at the same frequency or want to be. You will feel those that are connected to themselves right away and those that are still connected to the lower frequencies of fear and lack. You will feel what is truth and what is manipulated. It is a pure knowing as you feel everything  now. You will move beyond the primal 5 senses into a timeline that is higher in frequency and be a catalyst for others of this human race to want to do the same. You become what you want to see in others. You are the change you want to see in this world. You are in service to humanity by being you truly and fully.

Written by Jen Reynolds

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