Heart Catalyst and Heart Chakra awakening

You meet someone and all the sudden you have the feeling of what can be described as unconditional love radiating from your chest. You have never had this feeling before. You are so used to looking for love or anything that makes you feel better outside yourself that you start jumping to conclusions. Is this the one? My soulmate? My twin flame?

Not necessarily you are having a heart center awakening and it is happening to more and more people everyday!

We are evolving as humans and with this evolvement we are going to expand in many ways. Our awareness and perceptions are going to expand, Our senses are going to go beyond the five senses, limited beliefs and societal constructs are going to  dissolve or dissipate and even your definition of what true love really is, is going to change.

I personally had my first heart center activation in 2012 and it was triggered by a catalyst. I like most people believed this person to be “The One” because of my limited perception about love and relationships.   I created delusion thought processes about the person until it happened a second time more intensely with another person. I now know this person to be a catalyst for my spiritual evolution (thank you). Since then I became aware that ONE of the purposes of the heart centers is to resonate with others at the same frequency as you so that you may co-create together. It has nothing to do with what we call or perceive as love here on this planet.  Now because I have evolved past my limited perceptions and beliefs of the beautiful gift of a open and active heart center, I have heart connections with several people in a week. Since the day of my first activation I have evolved emotionally, mentally, and spiritually at a rapid rate. Many people in my life have expressed I don’t act or look the same. It catapulted me into my spiritual awaking and ignited my kundalini awakening/rising. It is a gift that teaches you how to connect to yourself and learn true love. Self love.

I was going to write an entire article about this but I have a friend (Mel Brand) that is an expert when it comes to heart center awakenings and he has put out several videos about this beautiful experience so I am going to share his videos. If you are going though a heart center awakening I highly recommend you watch these easy and detailed videos as he explains in great detail the symptoms, the reasons, and the belief systems that surround a heart center awakening and heart catalyst (the person or people that triggers your heart to open). These videos can save you from a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering so I highly recommend them.


Videos by Mel Brand at 

Heart Chakra Awakening Signs and Symptoms

The Heart Center Catalyst

Heart Center Activation With Sexual Attraction

Heart Center Connections Without Sexual Attraction


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Videos by Mel Brand at 


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