Perspectives, perceptions, and beliefs and the evolving consciousness

Your perspectives and beliefs are based on how you were raised (family/culture), your social conditioning, and the experiences you have had. As we navigate though this evolutionary process your perceptions, perspectives, and beliefs will change as your level of consciousness changes. We should always be growing and expanding and our beliefs and perceptions should be growing and expanding as well. All beliefs are part of this evolutionary process, Yes, even religion and other limited belief systems are part of a persons personal evolvement and spiritual growth.

The block in expansion comes when people get stuck in certain belief structures and can not see past them. As unlimited infinite beings anything that limits our perspective and potential is a block in our expansion.  The term this realm has given this situation is cognitive dissonance  This does not mean that  you or they are wrong for the beliefs. You and everyone else on this realm choose everything they are experiencing and during this incarnation  you and they are experiencing exactly what was planned out to be experience. Each level of consciousness is very important and we are only given what we can handle and comprehend at any given time.

Here is a list of some limited beliefs systems that are still very active on this realm right now

Region (Including the new age community)

How relationships are structured and acted out

Conspiracy theories

Nutrition (this includes veganism and any other limited perceptions of eating)

Healthcare (How we treat disease at this time)


our beliefs in what/who we are

Your potential


These are just a few and the list goes on and on. Once again none of these are wrong or right they just are. We live in a realm of duality and for every truth and belief there is a contrasting truth or belief. These things and many other beliefs and perceptions were placed in your reality to expand your consciousness. They might just block you from expanding and evolving if you can not see past the limited perceptions contained within them.  Because our society has been conditioning people to limit their perception since the day we were born and to “Identify” with things outside of us to make a perception of self, it is no wonder why we grasp on to limits and shut down, get defensive, and even attack someone  whenever they go outside those limits.


In order to expand and evolve our consciousness we have to start asking ourselves questions. A good way to start doing this is to start questioning yourself when you get defensive about something that you strongly believe in or don’t believe in. Ask yourself why am I so upset someone has an opposing view or belief? Where did this belief I am protecting so preciously come from? Was it something I was told and took on or is it something I have experienced and know? Is this something I have been conditioned to believe through TV, Religion, or Culture or is this something I have a inner knowing of and have experienced?

A critical and multi-dimensional thinker can see different truths and come from a place understanding when someone is not within their personal belief systems without getting defensive and attacking the other person for their perception of their “truth”. You understand that at different levels of consciousness people have different realizations and understandings so you let them grow and evolve in their own Divine time.

This is how to become a mature adult. We’ve got a lot of people walking around in adult bodies that look like grown ups that are not mature on this planet and we need those that are mature to really be the wayshowers for spiritual maturity. When somebody does not agree with you or you do not agree with somebody else think twice before you get defensive or feel the need to attack them. it is very possible to have a conversation rationally without doing these things. You need to ask yourself why you are getting so defensive and attacking a person for not agreeing with your beliefs? If someone is expressing their beliefs let them and there is no need to correct them unless they are specifically asking for your opinion or asking you a question.


We as humans have unlimited potential 

We has humans are much more than we have been taught to believe. Most people on this planet do not even know we are multidimensional beings and there is other aspects of us living on other timelines simultaneously and some even here on this timeline. They are unaware of their higher self (The highest version of you that is assisting you and wants to merge with you) and their unlimited potential and gifts that are dormant due to social conditioning.  Most do not know that some people on this planet are living in higher dimensions or even that there are other dimension besides this dense 3D reality.

If you would like to learn about the different dimensions and which one you are in at this time please read this simple explanation from “The Wake Up Experience”

The good news is more and more people are waking up and having profound experiences that are expanding their awareness, consciousness,  and perceptions. If we all woke up at once it would cause a lot of chaos so there is a divine purpose for why this is happening the way it is. EVERYTHING happens in divine timing 🙂 It seems as if in the last few months the amount of people starting this process has increased and their process seems to be much more rapid and intense. This can be very confusing for a person going through this experience and they might feel as if they are going crazy (and some of their behaviors may seem to reflect that) so it is very important for those of us that have been through this process and are still going through it to be gentle and compassionate towards others. It may feel as their world in collapsing and everything they have been told is a lie. This can bring up a lot of emotions including anger and resentment. They will hold on to the old as long as they can until it becomes too painful and they surrender to what is.


It is also important to remember for those of you that are just starting this process that what you are receiving is not new information. You are simply remembering “who you were before the world told you who to be”.  When you are navigating through information (as we all go through the searching  phase on the internet) you will know when something aligns with you. It will simply resonate with you and as you continue to evolve you will notice that the information has a certain frequency that resonates with you. Certain people will have a frequency that resonates with you as well and these people are your tribe.


Even though this process can be very confusing and overwhelming at times it is the most beautiful process that I have ever gone through and still am going though. You will have synchronicities that lead you where to go next and lots of “Ahhh ha” moments that answer your most profound questions. You begin to play in the energies of your own realities and little miracles become revealed to you to show you YES! You are on the right course and doing what needs to be done for you and the collectives highest good! Everything almost becomes magical and you feel like you are in a dream at times. Hum? Maybe we are?




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