The awakening process is very unique and everyone’s divine plan should be honored

Our soul has a unique plan for each and every one of us and our highest version of ourself or “higher self” is guiding us in the most unique ways to raise our consciousness. This divine plan depends first how attuned you are to your senses (the five senses and beyond), your level of consciousness at this time, how you were raised (family, culture, and geographic location), your belief systems and how much they are ingrained in your etheric body at this time, and what you decided you wanted to experience before you incarnated on this planet.

How each person “wakes up” is not going to be the same way you did although there may be some parallel circumstances to their experiences. We are given what we can understand and handle at each phase and expansion of consciousness depending on our beliefs and awareness. One person might have a full blown kundalini rising experience with out of body experiences in other dimensions to wake them up while another might have a more gentle approach such as synchronicities or catalystic events such as a sacred connection with another or an illness to wake them up into a new perception of reality. The most important thing to remember is that each journey is divinely planned and orchestrated by that persons higher self. Trying to force people into your perception of things, your belief systems at this time, or your level of consciousness is resistance to the divine plan and unfoldment that is being played out on this planet. It is saying “I know better than Source and this persons unique divine unfoldment” Learning to surrender to what is and having full trust is a huge part of spiritual evolvement and maturity.

What can I do to help people expand and evolve?

Your own personal evolvement and expansion is what is most important. The more you expand and mature spiritual the more you embody a higher frequency that will become a catalyst for others to do the same. Simply being around you and seeing how you respond to things can be a HUGE catalyst for others to grow and evolve. Your reaction to the 3D challenges  (Three dimensional earth experience or duality) that happen to you in your life will be your testimony and your teaching tool. If you have not noticed lately people are become very reactive and emotional to anything outside their belief systems. This is not just limited to religion. Beliefs can pertain to anything anyone has a limited perception on from diet, to politics, to how relationships are on this planet right now, to how we care for our bodies (healthcare). Beliefs are something you are taught or told and true knowing (your truth) is something you experience and embody. The reason these reactions have been so pronounced is there is a massive shift in awareness going on right now on this planet due to the higher frequencies we are being exposed to. People are becoming more aware, waking up, and questioning their own beliefs. How exciting!

 As a collective, everyone is waking up and people try to hold on to the old tooth and nail before they can release it and step into the new. People will defend their beliefs and attack others until they are in so much pain from resistance that they release it and allow a higher perspective to come into their awareness. The most important thing to do is approach people like this from a place of compassion. As frustrating as it may be for you to see someone stuck in the old ways and beliefs you have to remember that you at one point were there too. If it was not on this timeline it is on another. We are all connected and when we can learn to relate to one another instead of separate ourselves from one another huge timeline shifts can occur.

How can I learn not react so emotionally to those people and things that are occurring outside of me?  

It is important to keep in mind that everything outside of you is happen for you not to you. You have a opportunity to grow and expand from each and every experience that is given to you for your evolvement and expansion. At times it takes us a few times to understand the higher perspective of things happening outside of us so these lessons are repeated over and over again until we embody what is needed to be learned and evolve from that experience. From a 3D linear perspective some of the things that happen for us and for others can seem cruel but that is because we have such a limited perspective of who we are. Most of us do not see that we are infinite multidimensional beings having a very linear experience we only can see a very limited perception of our realities. It is hard for people to imagine what infinity is, that they are experience just one of several realities simultaneously, that they are powerful creative beings, and this little blip on this one timeline is something they decided they wanted to experience. This realm is very unique in that we can feel so deeply because of duality and it would be impossible to know the light without the dark here but we came here to learn and experience it.

Or reactions are based off of past experiences or ingrained belief systems that were taught to us. As we have these experiences or develop these beliefs we become triggered or reactive because of them.  Let’s say when you were a young child one of  your parents out of anger and their own reactions or triggers told you that you were worthless and that you would  not amount to anything. They might not even have meant it but they were very angry at you for something you did or did not do. They were taught to react it this way from their parents and it continues to get passed down until the cycle is broken.  Fast forward to 20 years later someone on Facebook responds to a post you put up about quitting a job you have had for years to pursue your passion and dream job. They respond with “How could you leave your job after all these years with such good pay and benefits to chase this pipe dream? It is too risky you are making a mistake.” Because you had an experience with your parents in the past telling you that you were worthless and would not amount to anything that reply might trigger you into a very emotional response that is way out of proportion to the comment. It might bring up that old wound and make you start doubting yourself.  What does it matter what someone else thinks? Are they living your life? Does their limited beliefs and perspectives change your decision? Take a step back and a breath and realize no matter what your friend Joe Blow says it has no influence on your decision unless you allow them to influence you. The more you give your energy to reacting to this person, the more attention you give to it, the more you think about it, and let it eat you up inside the more you are bringing this type of energy into your reality. You will start to notice a second and third Joe Blow in different bodies but the same type of energy coming into your life. The energy we intwine with is the energy we attract or create in our lives.

Not reacting to the people and things that are occurring outside of you requires you to take a step back from your triggered emotions and go within and deal with why someones opinion or or a life situation is making you respond the way it is. This can be a challenge for someone that has experienced some deep emotional or physical traumas and the only way I have seen people like this get through some of their deeper traumas they can not heal is with a energy healer that is well versed in inner child work. Doing inner child work is not easy but it is life changing. Repressing old traumas not only effects your emotional body, mental body, and wellbeing in a non productive way, but not releasing the stuck repressed energy can manifest into real physical chronic illness and even fatal physical health issues.

It does take work to become a spiritually mature person and I still work on it everyday. I make mistakes but I am now quick to point them out and deal with them and heal what needs to be healed. I think most of us will be in constantly healing that are here on this planet right now.  Your awareness and your own bullshit meter will be very tuned in the more you expand and grow. You start calling yourself out instead of pointing the finger outside of yourself and at other people or situations as the cause of your challenges. You learn to feel, deal, and heal by going within and gently healing the root cause of why you are creating your own chaos and challenges in your life. Instead of constantly putting yourself in victim mode you start to become empowered because you have acquired the tools to transform any challenging situation into something that will be used to ether help you expand and grow or to help others.

So to awaken others we need to awaken ourselves more fully and become spiritually mature adults. It has nothing at all to do with the other. It all has to do with you. Become the change you want to see in the world within and watch your outside reality align with you. It is a beautiful process to watch unfold.

Written By Jen Reynolds

Owner and founder of


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